About Us

Anderson Hay & Grain Co Inc. – International Leadership

Anderson Hay & Grain Co Inc. Hay’s strong dedication to teamwork applies just as much to our customer relationships. We do our utmost to make doing business with us a first-rate experience. Our relations with customers worldwide continue to prosper, enhanced by strong ties to key government officials home and abroad.

With strategically based port facilities in the Western United States, orders of all sizes and destinations can be shipped quickly and efficiently. Anderson Hay’s dedicated staff make sure all steps, from traceability and inventory management to processing and transportation, are done specifically to fill each customers’ needs.

Here at Anderson Hay & Grain Co., IncOur commitment to operational expertise also manifests itself in our application of advanced technology and our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. Anderson Hay has built our business on looking to the future with a clear eye on its changing demands. Anderson Hay is committed to fulfilling our long-established promises to each customer. We take to heart the rapid change in a complex, global market and guarantee that our customers will always receive reliable, friendly service, on-time delivery, and consistently superior products, today and into the future.

Our hay selections satisfy many breeders with whom we have been working for several years. Like them, rediscover the pleasure and quality of these forages and bring excellence to the heart of your farms.

We are committed to guaranteeing a supply for our customers that offers quantity, safety and quality at the best price. We also strive to help sectors affected or involved in hay consumption to maintain their livelihood and continue their activity. 


Our customers depend upon our ability to deliver the right quality at the right time at the right price. In every operational area from harvesting to final end user delivery, we strive for excellence.


Our reputation is the reflection of who we are. Every day our customers see our reputation through the behaviors and decisions we make, the partners we choose, and the condition of our facilities and equipment.


The foundation of our success lies in our longstanding relationships with our customers, growers, suppliers, and employees in the Anderson family style.