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America’s leading exporter of top Quality Alfalfa Hay and Timothy Hay. 

Consistent Supply


We supply our customers with the quality products they need, delivered year-round worldwide. Unlike most other hay exporters, we own enough of our own farm land that we are able to grow 80% of what we sell.

International Reputation


Pioneering the way for our industry, Anderson Hay has become the premier supplier of quality forage products to the world.

Global Logistics


We export high quality forage to over 100 ports around the world


Hay for Sale. Hay for Sale near me from the premier supplier of quality forage products worldwide. Over the last several generations, Anderson Hay & Grain Co., Inc. has become the leading exporters of hay for sale near me and straw products, specializing in Timothy Hay, Alfalfa Hay for sale and Grass Straw products. We remain committed to our core values of building strong relationships, honing our operational expertise and earning respect through unwavering principles. Established more than a half a century ago by our family founders, our values have sustained our pioneering expertise and are the foundation of our success.

Hay for sale near me. Whether you’re a pet owner, a supplier, retailer or a hobby gardener, our premium-quality hay and straw products are well-able to suit your needs whether you need fresh pet food or nutritious garden mulch. We raise nutritious, high-quality hay and straw for pets and gardens. From planting to harvest, we team with our grower network of family-owned farms specializing in hay for sale and straw production to provide a consistent supply of top quality products to our customers all year round. Our efforts in quality control start with our growers and move through our entire operation.


Alfalfa Hay for Sale near me. Our quality assurance programs are designed to keep the customer’s needs in mind by employing individuals who are highly trained in quality assurance. Each process, whether double compressing or cubing, passes a 5 step quality control program which allows the product to be scrutinized before it is approved and cleared for shipping. We are able to provide any grade of hay and forage you may require. Clean, weed and grass free fields are essential to growing high quality hay for sale

Delivering the finest quality products anywhere in the world. We are committed to supplying safe feed and ensuring that all steps, from traceability and inventory management to processing and transportation, are completed to the individual customer’s specifications.

hay for sale
hay for sale


Have you been having delivery or quality problems with other companies? It is our sole responsibility to make sure that after you pay for your order, it is delivered to the provided address. Thus, you just have to be patient for a few days to get what you paid for. Also, the quality of hay received should be confirmed at most 3 days after you receive it. If you are not happy with the quality and there is proof of poor quality such as live stock not feeding on it, we refund 100% of your payment. We are just over confident of our products. There are laboratory analysis to confirm. ORDER NOW!